The availability of digital traces offers unprecedented opportunities for quantifying and modelling human behavior. I use large-scale data analysis and theoretical modelling to address long-standing questions in the Social and Cognitive sciences, as well as Economics and Geography, but also novel issues arising from the interaction between humans and digital technology. I use and advance tools brought together within the field of Computational Social Science, including Complex Networks Theory, Statistical Physics, Agent Based Modelling, and Machine Learning. My research encompasses a broad range of critical topics, including human mobility, social behavior, blockchain-based ecosystems, and mobile-phone applications usage.

Modelling Human Mobility

I quantify and model mobility across an unprecedented range of scales, and in relation to other aspects: cognition, social behavior, personality, and demographic attributes. My work relies to a large extent on large-scale GPS traces datasets collected by phones and revolves around three fundamental aspects of mobility: statistics of displacements, visitation patterns, and behavioral heterogeneity.

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Modelling the Cryptocurrency Market

The popularity of cryptocurrencies skyrocketed in recent years. As these changes occur, the need to understand the dynamics of blockchain-based ecosystems increases. My research deals with quantifying and modelling properties of the market of cryptocurrencies including the long term statistical properties of the market, the evolution of prices, the interplay between collective attention and market behavior, and the connections between code and market properties.

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